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more than 10 years

experience in transport


We are specialists in international transport in Switzerland and thanks to this specialization, our knowledge of the region and established contacts, we are able to deliver shipments with maximum efficiency, at reasonable prices and in required time with respect for other demands of a customer.


Besides this specialization, we also provide inland transport and transport to other European or non-European countries, customs clearance of shipments, storage, transshipment and insurance of consignments. All our vehicles are equipped with a tracking device, so we know exactly where a consignment currently is to be found.


Thanks to its successful operation, the vehicle fleet providing transport your goods expands and grows from year to year. Regarding vehicles, their quality and reliability are the most important for us, therefore we buy only new vehicles, mainly Mercedes-Benz and DAF. Also reliability of our drivers is very important for us, therefore they regularly go through traffic rules examinations in addition to an initial thorough training. They also regularly attend trainings extending their expert knowledge.


All trucks in ADR.


So do not hesitate to use services of our company. You can be sure that your goods will be delivered in time, according to your requirements and at a favourable price.

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