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more than 10 years

experience in transport


Transport Switzerland

Since 2002, we have specialized in transport of goods to Switzerland and back. Express haulage and transport of piece consignments and full truck loads. You can also use our pick-up lines from the Czech Republic to Switzerland and back which depart several times a week.

International transport EU and non-EU countries

Foreign transport within the European Union and outside it (Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, the Balkan Peninsula).

Oversized cargoes

Our road transport department is also able to transport oversized cargoes with assistance of an escort vehicle.

Transport of goods with given transport temperature THERMO 0+

Our box vans are equipped with cargo space heating, therefore we can transport goods with given transport temperature, e.g. 12°C.

Customs services

Complete import and export customs clearance in the Czech Republic and Switzerland is provided for each consignment.

Transport of dangerous loads ADR

Each of our drivers is a holder of the certificate of ADR training and all our vehicles are equipped with obligatory equipment, required for transport of hazardous materials.

Logistics and storage

Our logistics services include storage and transhipment of consignments, they are automatically a part of transport of goods.

All our vehicles also go under the TIR regime.

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