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more than 10 years

experience in transport


We have developed a sophisticated system of transport and storage logistics, thanks to which each consignment, from receipt from a customer, through storage and transshipment, up to handover at a place of destination, is fully protected against damage, theft or improper handling.


We also take care of special shipments, such as oversize loads, dangerous loads ADR, cargoes with required transport temperature, etc. We have cargo vehicles with all necessary equipment, to be able to respond flexibly to contracts of any nature and capacity.

Our trucks are equipped with GPS WEBDISPECINK tracking device which enables us to have perfect knowledge of where a shipment is to be found and inform you immediately about course of international and domestic transport.


You do not pay anything extra for our logistics services which include any time of storage of consignments of any volume. Everything is already included in the price of domestic or international transport.

Vehicle fleet and drivers

We have our own vehicle fleet consisting mainly of vehicles of Mercedes-Benz and DAF makes. Safety, quality of service and reliability are our priorities, so all trucks undergo meticulous service examinations. We take care of regular trainings of our drivers equally carefully. We arrange continuous extension of their expertise.

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